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About Reynolds Custom Cabinetry

Designer and Craftsman, John Reynolds, has spent most of his life creating wonderful things in the world of wood working. But only as a hobby. Now... He is for hire. With decades of woodworking experience, John has formed Reynolds Custom Cabinetry in order to bring fine woodworking back into the home. The art and craftsmanship of building fine cabinetry has drifted away over time, leaving only the few that have the skill and focus to design and build some of the best products. Reynolds Custom Cabinetry only uses the best hardware and materials available, and with professional design and consultation, We are able to provide the absolute best for our customers.


Our Process

All projects include a free consultation.

Call 503-949-8870 now!


Preconstruction Design

The Most Important Step in the process is the first one. John will personally meet with every customer and help determine the dreams that you have. When applicable, there will be a professional draft created especially for you.


Design & Construction Estimate

At Reynolds Custom Cabinetry our focus is accuracy. However, custom is custom and the variants can be extreme.

We will do our best to provide the most accurate estimate possible. 

On-Site Consultations

As a Craftsman, understanding the customer and their dreams is imperative. On-Site consultation is the key to a great relationship. As a general contractor, not only can we build, we can manage. Sub-Contractors are a very important necessity, each have been hand chosen by John to provide a complete service to the customer.


The Finishing


And as expected, the last step is as important as the first. Fine Woodworking wouldn't be Fine Woodworking with out Precision. Each project is carefully managed all the way through. And we certainly focus on quality and all the details. With professional finishing, flooring, lighting and anything you wish for, you can count on Reynolds Custom Cabinetry for your next project.


No Job Too Small!


Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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